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This little light of mine...

Among a stack of used books on restoration that I had ordered from amazon a few weeks ago, I found one on old lanterns.  We have one here that Mike's family used for ages, and it needs a new wick, among other issues.  I had no idea where to start. 

Our son was also on an oil lamp (a beautiful pottery-font one for me) and oil lantern ( a pair of Dietz ones for Mike) this Christmas.  We have always kept some oil lamps in any house we've lived in, so as not to sit in the dark during power losses.  My old buddy with the antique shop has sold me some nice bases, some of which we've electrified, too. 

I picked up the lantern book this afternoon after watching "Crazy Heart" (I highly recommend that movie, BTW).  Until I started reading this, I had no idea how the engineering of different lamps had advanced the art of lighting the world for so long.  I just thought a lantern was a lantern...had never heard of dead flame, cold blast, hot blast, etc.  It's really interesting. 

I've got a couple of Coleman electric lanterns that I keep her setting beside Mike when he's working under a sink, or if one of us needs to go out further than the yard lights shine at night.  We keep flashlights (mostly Maglites) by each entrance, and in each vehicle.  I've been taught to think of my shint red Maglite loaded with several D cells and stashed under my driver's seat as a decent weapon, too. 

Over at our friends' house last night, they showed us a neat rechargeable spotlight with a million candlepower.  They use it when they go to check the barn at night. I think you could spot deer on the moon with that one. 

I told Mike I wanted one of those, so I can scan around and see what's coming out of the woods at night here.  He says I do not really want to know.... 

So, I am studying how to restore our old lanterns, and learning how to properly use and mantain the new ones.  I know a lot of you and your families do night duty on the farm. 

What do you use when you want to let your little light shine?   

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