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This one storm window...

...thing is driving me nuts. Mike went to followup on the one we thought needed to be replaced on the rental house down the lane. " Please just measure it, so we can buy it this week or weekend, Honey!" Pointed to the tape measure. Maybe thirty minutes later, he shows back up, fussing that three of them need replacing, and he has texted dimensions. No, there is a spare sash for one in the shop, the others you need to rearrange one screen into the good frame, and then we need to order one...only one. Hand him the Windex, roll off several Bounty, and hand him the wasp bomb, because they have colonized one window. He comes back, so sassy and pleased with himself...that he has fixed it so we only need one now.... Back wall window in this bedroom needs a new storm, too. Has needed it since we put in the new HVAC two summers ago, and took out the windkw unit in there. Bottom of frsme has been long gone, snd the wooden window gets foggy, which means eventual water damage. The excuse for not replacing it has been my plantings underneath the window. Now that the new generstor has to occupy that spot, they are being dug out soon...also, probably this weekend. With them gone, before the heavy genset goes where the ladder needs to stand for this second story exchange, the time has come. Why is it that a man who disappears to pay for two major pieces of equipment, and comes back having bought three, bas such conniptions over a couple of $85.99 windows, each of which protects structural integrity of two nice houses? And, we get a discount off the $86!!! Can't live with , em, can't live without ' em....

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