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Lisa Prater
Senior Contributor

Traditional cooking: Irish soda bread

I've been thinking about St. Patrick's Day, so yesterday I made some Irish soda bread and posted the recipe on my blog on our sister site, Living the Country Life. It was so simple and easy, and best of all, DELICIOUS! I couldn't believe something so tasty could come out of only four ingredients: buttermilk, flour, soda, and salt. 


I love making traditional, simple food like this, and thinking about how women centuries ago made the exact same food. (Like the "Little House" heart cakes!) Or like chicken and noodles. 


We ate the bread last night alongside some vegetable-beef soup, and it was perfect for dipping. I had a piece of toast this morning, and finished off the loaf by making mini PB&Js to go along with the boys' sack lunches.


In reading about the soda bread, I saw quite a few recipes for bread with fruit, orange zest, whiskey, etc., but traditional Irish soda bread had only the four ingredients above. If raisins are used, the bread is called "spotted dog." My oldest son, Jake, LOVES cinnamon-raisin bread. He had kind of a rough morning this morning, so I think I'll make a loaf of spotted dog for an after-school snack today.


What traditional foods do you like to make? I'd love to see some recipes, and maybe make them and use them on my blog!

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