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Tricks of the trade

Was just reading an old copy of "Catch Up on hte Kitchen" by the Sidetracked Sisters.  This book was where I first learned of the idea of 'zoning'  the organization of the work areas into ones that make a lot of sense, instead of just putting things where your mother alwasy stored them. 


As I get closer to destroying the kitchen I already have, I feel the need to make sure I plan out the problems we built into this version.  Barring unforeseen circumstances, this may be my "last kitchen" ..the one that sees kme through the remaining duration of my lifetime.  Better get it right.


The sisters write about eliminating the gooey mess of a bar of soap on the edge of the sink, and recommend getting a bottle of SoftSoap...granted, this book is carrying  a 1983 copyright.... I had a chat the otehr dday with my younger daughter - the one who runs plumbing at a Big Orange Box store - and she taught me a trick I had never thought of before. 


When I said I hate having to have to refill the small soap dispenser  bottles or those in-sink dispensing gadgets, she said, "Mama, all you have to do is set the big jug down in the bottom of the cabinet, and get a piece of plastic tubing long enough to reach up to your dispenser in the cabinet top." 


Well, DUH!  I had never thought of that simple solution.  Just stick the tubing into the gallon jug in the floor of the cabinet, and pump more bottles scattered around, needing to be refilled.  That is one aggravation every week gone. 


Made me ownder...what simple tricks have you used in your kitchen, to make it easier to work in, and maintain?  A lot of minor improvements can add up to a really great place to work! 



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