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Twenty degrees cooler and WIND!

Well, our first night of the new central heat working here was very nice. No stoking the woodtove in the wee hours, no suppertime trip to the woodshed. Jenna had chosen to keep the front rooms closed off, rather than feeding the stove more often. Now, the doors to the dining room and front bedroom are open, with no comfort penalty involved. We were both pooped from the day's work yesterday. I am so glad I got the rocker painting done, and the daffodils set...there is NO way I would be up to an entire day out in the colder wind today. Mike has promised to feed and water the flowerbeds for me this morning. I have my work cut out, cleaning up behind Boiler Man, and putting a whole houseful of furniture back in place. At least it will be warm in here while I am doing it. Are you still able to enjoy yard work, or have you laid it by for the season?