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Two weeks, two years

I gave up FB for Lent and it has been hard! Two weeks down, four to go. At the same time I gave up a game that I was playing along with my FB friends called Candy Crush. I think I was hooked on that stupid game! I am so glad I don't waste any free time playing it any more. I know I won't be playing it again.

Two years ago today I began my weight loss program. I have had a few bumps up but never more than five pounds. After two years I am maintaining a 30-33 pound loss. I have never had this kind of success in getting to a healthy weight and staying there.

So today I celebrated a couple of if I can get to my next one....retirement. Five years and ten months to go! Lolol
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Re: Two weeks, two years

LA, it is refreshing to see someone find the answer and keep on the course. This is why most " diets" do not work: people tolerate a drastic change for a limited time, then " break training" when they simply can stand it no more.

I admire your more sensible and successful approach. It is an inspiration to me, as I crank away on that elliptical machine every day now.

As for quitting Facebook, I think the more important piece there is to resist the temptation to play those addictive games. I know myself well enough to never start.

It really is a lot about personality type and perserverance.
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