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After keeping Winn at his hoise so he could sleep in this morning, i came home and caught up on laundry and a couple of other minor chores.  I was so pooped from the day on the road yesterday, i really just felt the need to rest.


Kicked back, and flaked out in front of the TV for a while, dozing off and on.  Ournlocal channels on DirecTV are threatening to quit the satellite package, and they are running ads that offer a free antenna, so you can still receive the signal.  What a gimmick.  


Mike has been in a minor turmoil about possibly losing our morning  weather woman out of Rakeigh. She is so entertaining, even Winn loves to watch Elizabeth over breakfast....


Anyway, a few days ago, I had installed the DirecTV app onto my iPad, so Inopened the site, to see what thatbside of the dispute was saying.  It instructed people in ,y ZIP code to checkmand see if we would need a new upgrade to receive our locals.  Honestly, I think it was one more gimmixk, to get us to call and upgrade our service, and extend or create a new contract.  


Since we have relied on this satellite provider for almost 20 years, the chances we would change in two years are slim to none.  The rep said we could have the new system that records from any box in the house, lets us back up live TV anywhere (which we cannot do now), and connect to the DVR over the Internet, so we can access our recorded shows from anywhere over the DROID or iPad.  


This system lets you record up to five shows at the same time, onstead of just two.  Mike  has been seeing this advertised for months now, and I knew he wanted it, but it hadn't been a top priority this year, for sure.   For the first time ever, there was no equipment upgrade fee, only the $49 installation, so I opted to have the system installed this coming Friday.  


I am truly amzed at his fusion of technology...cell phone, Internet and satellite TV.  Have seen the potential for years now, and I am hoping that there is no fatal flaw in our location that prevents us from enjoying the new options.  I think it will be fun to watch shows while Mike is driving us back and forth to Jenna's and here.  Better yet, I can entertain him while I am driving, somthere are fewer remote control attempts From the passenger seat.


If we can just replay the things we think we heard on the news on the dining room TV, but now look at each other and say, " WHAT did they just say?", it will be worth it.  I guess we are finally getting caught up with the rest of the world.  I still need to see if Kindle HD Fire is compatible with this setup. 


Is anyone else upgrading technology...or, did you get any good gadgets for Christmas?  



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