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If you happen to subscribe to HBO, I recommend that you take a half-hour to watch this show once a week. It comes on Friday, after Bill Maher. This week's stories were on a Baptist Academy in New Mexico where the staff and students are taught to del with violent, armed intruders, and the toxic aftereffects of the war in Iraq.

I couldn't find much to disagree with that the former state trooper/ pastor and superintendent of the school said about training kids to react to an intruder bent on taking lives. Maybe extreme, but these are extreme times.

He basically teaches what you would want your kids to know in the circumstance. His summary:If you are going to die, die fighting.

The second story revealed a lot about weapons deployed in Iraq, many of which are now causing terrible birth defects, cancers, etc. If we did this, and it appears we did, we have a lot to do to make right, and some of the harm can never be undone. I had no idea of these lasting environmental effects.

The US says it just didn't keep track of radioactive weapons used before a certain date...I has always thought of that as nuclear
bombs only. One weapon they showed looked like a bazooka, but sucked the air out of a building, collapsing the lungs of everyone inside, before incinerating them. Rings of fire literally emerged from the window openings. Who knew that we even possessed such tools of destruction?

Disturbing information, but it reveals a lot of what goes on in the world...maybe explains why we are so hated by so many. Don't watch it if you are bothered by stark images, but do, if you want to get a grip on what the rest of the world thinks of us.
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