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Vacation bible school

Just wanted to post & brag on our cummunity.  I live in a small town of 900 with 3 different denomination of churches.  Four yrs. ago, due to declining enrollments, someone got the idea to combine for a community vacation bible school.  It's held at a different church every year with all three planning it and helping with teaching, donating food, & preparing.  Volunteers from all churches help and each church is responsible for whatever foods are needed according to the menu.  Also a monetary donation is asked for by each church and the extra is donated to a cause which the kids get behind.  Last year was Heifer International and this year it was something to do with saving the honeybees.

   On the last day/evening the kids put on a program for everyone.  It's really great to see what they have learned & hear them sing their songs.  About 90 to 100 kids were involved this year with 18 Jr. High kids.  Amazing.  So much hard work for such a rewarding cause with no squabling - just praising Jesus.  Kids love it.

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Re: Vacation bible school

Congratulations on your successful ecumenical effort.  Just think how our world could change if everyone would pull together like this! 

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