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Vacuum cleaner cup archaeology

Since investing in the Dyson Animal, I have been dumping the catch canister, instead of toasting out a full cleaner bag. Maybe hadn't thought about it with the housekeeper here for the past year or so, but I get to see what the machine collects myself now.

I sometimes find myself wondering what future cultures will thnk of us when they pick through our garbage heaps, and see what we disgarded. Maybe it was 310joy's comments about the guy with his shredder, that turned my brain in this direction as I dumped the thng today.

I will assume that they will be able to analyze the multitude of Blue Heeler hair, and even Buzzy's feathers. I think preponderant proportion of spider webs this house produces every cleaning day will present a puzzle, though. How many captive Arachnids did this one family keep?

With my vision not so good now, I guess there will be increasing numbers of things like paperclips, hair rubber bands, and perhaps a penny or two. Honestly, I do not realize I have run over some stuff, until it makes aracket as the Animal gulps it down.

Most days I am fortunate enough for it to pass without making a blockage, but this machine comes apart at several places for easy clearing of jams. If it is not at one of those points, I keep a five- foot piece of flexible PEX plumbing pipe, for forcing the issue.

What is the oddest thing you have ever found in the vacuum bag or canister, and did you know you ywere sucking it up, until after the fact? Would someone think a thousand years from mow, if they dug it up at your local landfill?
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