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Victoria's Secret catalog

After years of my daughters telling me I was wasting my money elsewhere, I started shopping online from Victoria's Secret for two basic items. You simply cannot beat the fit and quality of these two items. Expensive, yes. But I can go years without needing to replace them.

What's the problem? Once you order online the bombard you with catalogs. Mostly I ignore them and into the trash they go. I've noticed all along that the covers and photos are very provocative and revealing. But the one that came yesterday had a cover that crossed the line right into *orno* ....I pitched it immediately. All I could think was that is someone's daughter.

I would be happy to buy elsewhere but honestly I love their product. I'm going to email customer service and make them take me off their mailing list. I feel like a hypocrite buying anything else from them....

Did you ever find yourself patronizing a business that had corporate values that you just can't reconcile with your own? Especially if you have limited choices for a comparble product or service?

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