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Visiting Santa

Saturday we took the boys to see Santa in the old homesteader's log cabin in the little town south of us, which has been a tradition since the boys were babies. It's so cozy ... the trees outside the cabin are all strung with popcorn and cranberries, there are carols playing, and a host of people dressed "old-timey". Inside the little cabin, there's a roaring fire, a table of homemade cookies from Mrs. Claus, a big fluffy feather bed, and lots of interesting things to look at. 


I was afraid we were going to miss it this year, since Jake had 2 basketball games in another (nearby, thank goodness) town that morning. Thankfully, his teacher is one of the women who dress up and volunteer in the cabin, so she agreed to persuade Santa to stick around for us if we were late. We got there just before Noon, and Santa said, "It's the Prater boys! I've been waiting for you!" He asked about the basketball game and everything. So nice.


Each of my boys asked for one reasonable item. He asked Jake if he wanted anything else, and he said no. Santa said he was thinking of giving out a bowl of chicken livers with his deliveries this year, and wondered if Jake would like one. He said, "Yeah, I could use them for bait!" We about died laughing! Here's a picture of my boys and Santa!



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