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Lisa Prater
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Re: Wait and I wrong?

What a nightmare!!! I don't have any advice but I'm sorry you are having to deal with these awful people!

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Re: Governmental lack of follow-ups....

$$$$$ pushes it. Even though we have provided a wage and housing package, with no commuting expenses, double what our integrator starts snyone at, she had WIC, SNAP, Medicaid, and more. He told daughter this week they both get cell phones free, with 250 minutes a month apiece.

This family " landed" at his 75-year-old aunt's house. Trashing it, running the wheels off her car, wife drives everywhere with no license, thus no insurance.

She is supposedly cussing out the aunt, tearing up her house, with five uncontrolled kids...gad! i know what Winn does to mine, and he is disciplined pretty tough here, for an only grandkid. I feel sorry for that litrle lady, but this is her family, not mine.

Honestly, he is a sweet guy, but is in a position of stasily lying to us now. As lng as it onvolves his family, As long as they aren't here, I could give a rat's patoot. We had to move his payday to whayever day he completes the week's work. If that is modnight on Sunday, and the new week starts Monday at eight a.m., so be it. Only way to get the work done.

Daughter wants to keep working him, to get her vehicle money. She has to take up his slack. I am getting him going on ckeanup of the house. Started with yard Monday. Not satisfactory, so we will visit that again. He has four hard weeks then four light ones. Will start indoors on the light weeks.
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Re: Governmental lack of follow-ups....

Standards are dropping all over the map, then! Societally, we have made it too easy, I believe.

I would dump him today, but fir two things:The house is trashed, and ai am determined to make him spend two days per week, after these mext heavt work weeks, this one and next three, cleaning it up and out. I will let him know inspection is coming and chires willbe generated put of that.

Honestly, he isn't staying there now. We see him being picked up. Was dropped off to start work at five this morning. I am sure so he can leave when she drives by around four. They knkw not to bri g kids there, or I dial 911. Told themI would, and they know I mean business now.

I think I did the only thing I can do, torotect thise kids and ourselves from the loability of them being here. I don't like having anyone around who thinks they own me on my own place...this chock stared holes through me last week.

I didm't flinch, but I was glad I had some self-defense training...she started all this by beating the crap out of him, and then they both called the sheriff. Deputy called CPS because of the filth for the kids. I am sure we are being lambasted as slumlords..but, their history ought to speak for itself.

If we get the house decent again, it will not be used for an equal deal again. Honestly, that is very doubtful. He appears oblivious yoo the disorder and dirt.

We are putting in a well over there, so no more water bill soon. Will limit his use to half of the house, at most, to cut electricity costs. Maybe one windiw AC, but no more central AC.

Hope to get the nastiness out, but will not offer a full housing and expenses package ever again. Rent-free house, perhaps, but no more utilities. .

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