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Walking and talking

Mike finished clipping his pastures about 1:30, so we spent about ninety minutes starting the greenhouse. He had promised to help me with that if time permitted, so I got busy outside while he fonished mowing. Planted a new forsythia, so I will know when to prune roses each spring ( when it blooms), and fed about half the rises and shrubs...ran out of bloom food! Hope Lowe's has more tomorrow.

I am happy to say the ledger boards are up on both sides of the washhouse/shop building we are wrapping an L-shaped sunshed around on two sides. We got those up a lot easier than I had expected, considering that he was drilling into ancient cinderblocks.

After those were up, we spent another half-hour or so figuring out where the rafters will fall, how many posts we need, so I can make an accurate sketch before our next trip up. He has convinced me to use longer lumber, and get more room for very little more money.

Our next task there is to drive the stakes, pull the strings, and mark where postholes have to go. I am planning n doing the digging, as long as he makes sure I am in the right spots. I will have to break this project into manageable bits. It will very likely yake all summer, but I think it will be worthwhile.

Being stuck indoors all winter just makes me seriously too blue. If I can get out of the wind and catch even some weak sunlight, I know it will help beat the seasonal sadness.

After we got our tools stowed, we decided to drive by my farms and just get our heads wrapped around what we will be dalng with there. The mined-out one is a true problem place, but we have biosolids coming there in a monty or so, and they have to clip it first.

We walked miles, back and forth, skirting around ruts and potholes of water. It is really something to watch the water just oozing out of the ground in the middle of the hillsides.

I think once the biosolids company mows off the tall grass and weed stubble, we will be able to see what's there a lot better. Right now, it is promising in spots, disappointing in others.

It felt so good to finally get outdoors working again today. The little bit of yardwork, the beginning of the greenhouse, and then just walking and talking across the open fields, made me feel alive again. I forget how much being stuck inside saps my spirits, until I break out.

Hope all of you are getting some breaks to enjoy spring straggling snowed like crazy yesterday, but though cool, today was glorious!
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Re: Walking and talking

We have rain again here. It has indeed been a long winter with an abundance of cloudy days with the sun breaking through about dusk it seems on several days. DH says winter came a month early and is lasting a month longer than usual. Easter will surely bring warm days.

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Re: Walking and talking

One sort of pleasant purprise we had yesterday...the cellular signal we used to have at my place was abysmal. I stepped back to the truck to see if I could download an aerial, and it blazed onto my iPad screen, via DROID. I couldn't believe it...had a 4 G LTE, like I was right beside the interstate, as we are at Jenna's.

On the way out to the state highway, we sae why...a brand new cellular tower, not two mikes away. That sokves the communications and entertainment piece, at least, if I ever get my " tiny" house located down there! He started asking where the rlectric lines still stand, after all the moning...pot on the pole right on my only unmined corner!

Mike has already been warned about the toyhauler's next Incarnation....
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