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Re: Warm fantasy

I just had my warm weather fantasy in Key West.  Wish, oh wish, I was back there.  It was 4 degrees this morning!  That is an 80 difference from last Friday for us!  Brrrr


But if we are talking about "my own little world summertime fantasy" it is coming home from work and going out into my garden and picking three or four salad veggies to make a wonderful fresh green salad, throwing a big NY strip steak on the grill and eating a meal on our screened in porch complete with a big pitcher of iced tea and some strawberry shortcake for dessert. 


Then I would relax in my Adirondak chair that was a wedding gift from Ed and read the mail as the sun slowly sets.  I would delight in the fireflies blinking and watch the bats take off for their evening bug run as the stars come out.  I would light some candles and enjoy some quiet music or maybe read some Scripture until it is time for a long cool shower and off to bed.  



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Re: Warm fantasy

I'd just like to be able to open all of the windows and let the warn breeze blow through this house!!!

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