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Warmer...refreshments and clothing?

Well, it finally feels like spring today. Having given up soft drinks, and not being able to tolerate tea after about four p.m., and still get my sleep,I had been looking for a simple alternative. Last week in Target, found a " fruit infuser pitcher" for $7.99.

The little slotted container that slides into a track inside the pitcher on one side is perfect for four of my herbal or hibiscus tea bags. I drop them in, fill with water, and set it in the refrigerator. Overnight, this steeps and makes a great couple of quarts of naturally decaffeinated and mildly sweet tea.

Thought I would share this idea, since it is working so well to give me a cool drink that keeps me taking in enough water, with nothing harmful coming along with it.

Something elseI have found and really like, is a "gardening utility vest" off of Duluth Trading Women's website. This is a well- ventilated vest that I wear over a tee. It has nice pockets , several with zippers, so I can keep my phone, keys, sunglasses, etc., on me while working in the yard, doing volunteer hours at the park, etc., and it looks decent enough to wear into stores. Comes in several nice colors. I like carrying stuff pockets more than in a purse.

These are my two " top picks" this spring. To make it a Top Three, throw in the Champion C-9 knit Bermuda shorts I found at

Anyone else have a product you would recommend to other country girls?
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