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Was I being taken, or not?

Daughter asked if we could go out for lunch with Winn yesterday, run a couple of errands, etc. We ate a salad and had our baked sweet potatoes packed for later, at Logan's, which is a chain pub/ restaurant. Great health department sanitation grades, and the food is not too bad, so we tend to go there quite a bit...not much choice in this town.

After I handed the waitress two twenties for a $21.13 tab, I told daughter to go ahead with Winn, to be getting him into his carseat, since we were in a bit of a hurry to get back to one spot that was closing at three. It was after one when we got there, so the end of the lunch rush.

I must have stood for well over five minutes, gathering my things, cleaning up the kid's mess a bit, and the waitress walked by and said she was " waiting for her manager to get out the change." I said that was fine, but we were in a bit of a rush. Waited at least a few minutes more, before she finally returned.

She finally came back, and handed me a five, three ones, and some change. I guess I was supposed to accept it, lay down the tip, and leave,$10 short. She had taken my ticket, so surely had the total in her hand.

I said, " Oh, NO! I am supposed to get back $18.87, not eight dollars." She didn't bat an eye when I corrected her, and pulled out a wad of bills of all denominations, peeled my ten out of the roll, and didn't really apologize for the " mistake", which made me even more suspicious that it wasn't one.

I felt she was trying to stiff me for the $10, making so much delay that I would forget the correct difference, or maybe even hoping we were in enough of a hurry to leave without the change. There were not very many customers left at that point, and she had only two tables...ours and one more, which she has already served before we rose to leave.

Again, small stuff...but, I almost felt I should call back to the manager, and relate what happened. Certainly, the wait for change blamed on him would have been something he would have known actually happened, or not.

I will not use a credit or debit card to pay a restaurant tab, since that is supposedly where most card number theft and double-swiping is supposed to occur. i guess just paying attention to Winn was more on my mind yesterday, but this one bugged me, probably because we do go there pretty often, but notice waitresses turn over like crazy there.

I just want your take on this one. If you were me, given what I just described, would you feel that you were being taken?

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