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Re: Wasted Food

The first time we went to Europe it was for ten days in Paris for the big agriculture show.  We stayed in the Opera District, a restored community of old former opera houses and theaters which is now an area of street level shopswith apartments above, cafes and restaraunts, and hotels.  We could walk for hours from our location and, with the exception of meals eaten at the show (which was a culinary event in itself), we ate in the city.  


We were warned that Parisians take forever to eat a meal, hence it takes forever to be served a meal.  We were told not to be rude Americans just looking for "fuel" but to relax and enjoy the experience.  They werent kidding.  Dinner was two or more hours.  It took as a few days but by the end of our stay we got it!


Food and drink is a sensory experience in Europe.  They dont wolf down a paper wrapped piece of grease on a bun while sitting at a traffic light.  e Starbucks there was deserted compared to the quaint creperies where coffee was served in thimble sized cup.  It was strong enough that you didnt need 32 ounces of it.  Litter was minimal as people sat down to eat off plates with real utensils.


I loved it.  I likened the dining experience to r e a d i n g a novel or s t r o l l i n g through a musem.  Whats the rush?


We Americans think we are just so darn advanced.  That advanced state comes at a price....the loss of civility.  I see it in everything from how we drive to how we shop to how we communicate to how we relate....go,go,go,fater,faster,faster,