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Re: Wasted Food

It ends one meal choice at a time.  I have not, unless Mike insists on  Hardee'sFrisco burger, chosen to eat at a fast food place for anything other than a salad, for several years now.  Hardee's has no decent salad offerings, so I am stuck with a chicken filet sandwich or, if I am lucky, a wrap with more fresh ingerdients in it. 


I see Chick-fil-a has cranked up its fresher food offerings.  An entree salad, or a wrap with a fruit cup side, is a decent alternative. Panera Bread when I am in town.  Other than that, we look to more home cooking as the way to be healthier with our intake. 


Most people have not got the skills, or perceive that they haven't got the time, anymore.   If they truly timed the drive time and sitting in line time, the fast food isn't really all that fast.  At $9 for a combo meal, it isn't really cheap anymore, either. 



We do buy Subway, on our commutes to Va most often.  Maybe once a week, if that. 


If we demanded truly healthy food choices, we would get them.