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We're obsolete, if we aren't in the majority

Thought this was an interesting take on aging and the marketplace. What do you think about about aging? Is it helpful or harmful when buying things or getting services?

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Is there a missing link?

Thought maybe you had meant to include one, which is not always easy to do here.  Please try again, as I'd like to know if I am also marginal not just because of my geopraphical location, but also due to my chronological age. 

Without the article, I am going to give you my first take on being older and our collective buying power.  A few weeks ago, one of the news magazines on TV did a nice piece on marketing to us baby boomers as we reach retirement... the first one started drawing Social Security this past October,  or something like that. 

This story showed how a drugstore chain (for some reason, CVS sticks in my mind as the one featured) is using softer lighting and lower shelving stacks to market to new newly-elder generation.  I think there were also magnifiers on the aisles for reading small packaging print. 

Two points they made clear:  First, this trend in selling has to be directed towards an active elderly population, not one that feels feeble.  Our generation has been documented as the first to really defy aging...we have very active interests and pursuits, and do not intend to lay them down at a certain birthday.  So, the emphasis in sales will be towards staying active and fit, to the greatest degree possible.   

I joke with the kids I train with that I hope to earn my master rank ( 4th degree) in TKD at age 63, and work to grand master's rank (7th degree), which I think I could make at 84.  They think I am nuts, and I think I can do it, so I probably am crazy...but, you never know unless you try.  I'd rather wear out than rust out. 

Second point:  We are the new demographic that sellers are catering to, as they have all of our lives...we are just that plentiful.  No one in their right mind can afford to ignore that many millions of people. 

We may just be the last American generation to have any real prospects of retirement in the sense that our parents knew it.  I am not so sure our children will have the chance to relax...heck, I am not so sure we fifty-somethings will have all that much leisure, unless the new recovery being rumored  is indeed taking hold. 

I think we will still wield a lot of power at the polls and with our pocketbooks.  Those are the two places that seem to matter most in this country. 

Being obsolete is largely a state of mind to me.  Being outnumbered is one thing, outpowered another. 

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Here is the "missing" link

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Re: We're obsolete, if we aren't in the majority

I think if you are "lucky" enough to be born into the baby boom generation, you WILL be taken seriously and probably until your generaton dies out. 


That generation is way too big and way to wealthy and way too influential to ignore. 


All you have to do is look what they re marketing on television these days to see WHO they are marketing to:  Viagra, Cialis, Boniva, travel, investments, insurance, alarm systems, personal alert systems, allergy and arthritis meds, assisted living, AAA, AARP, ....


Look at the actors who play in those commercials...they are 50 to 60 ish with style and grandkids in is very calculated to target my generation....the Baby Boomers...and it will continue for another 20 years. 


The world has moved from the Greatest Generation (World War II vintage folks) to us....


You cannot stop the march of time....

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