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Weather warp and ramblings

Left VA, with the ground totally covered with several inches of ice and snow at about 9:30 this morning, stopped twice along the way, for groceries and building supply stuff.  Piles of nasty scraped snow in parking lots, but walked around in long sleeves, instead of bundled up and only my eyes showing. 


Got home to find only the drifts pushed up with the road blade left to melt in NC.  In eighty miles, like two totally different worlds.  Wish it could be swapped, so those fruit trees and raspberry vines tht arrived last Saturday coudl be planted.  Stark Bros, really missed it this year!


We will be whipsawing back and forth between decent days and pretty nasty onesfor at least this upcoming week.  I have been using the cabin fever season to declutter (still hanging in with the gang on that challenge...great group of folks, all kindred spirits!)


Want to share the idea of fioding the teeshirts in thirds vertically, then over in half crosswise, then half again...which makes them a neat "packet" shape for "filing" in drawers.  It sounds nutty, but when you do this, you can see every one you own, instead of just using off the top of the pile in the drawer. 


I spent last weekend going through and washing, to freshen up, every shirt we own, folded them all this way, and the results are amazing.  Mike has mentioned at least once every day that he really likes this, so he can see his stuff.  I am wearing things I had forgotten I owned.  It is remarkable. 


The kitchens are both done, too.  One tweak to do for a spice storage shelf at Jenna's house, but that will take a few minutes when I get a man with his cordless driver to stand still and help me get it up level. 


Finally getting back into the office here in NC again this afternoon.  Finally have running water out here again, so the washer is running of daughter's nasty coveralls, and I am ready to mop and wipe down the whole ring-a-ding thing. 


Taxes are supposed to be ready to retrieve electronically by Wednesday.  With all we spent on cows this year, they ought not be bad at all.  I guess that's the silver lining to emptying a savings account pretty hard!  I will be hurt if we owe much at all, honestly. 

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