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dairy mom
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Re: Weeding and preparing to plant

 it seem as if common sense has left this country.

We own guns.  My husband hunts I've even hunted.  My husband also own a handgun.  It is in pieces separated in the house and has been for years.  Now that all the kids are grown I suppose it could be put back together.  But I won't because grandkids are in the house sometimes.

Do not and will not have a carry permit.  Husband was saying almost all of the employees say they would like to get one.

Fine that is their prerogative.  But I told him if they get permits they have to know I will be very very unhappy if they bring a concealed weapon onto my property.

As far as any media publishing gun ownership.  That is so wrong.  Just like you don't advertise it if you are walking around with a lot of cash on your person, you don't advertise how many and what kind of guns you have in your house.

A neighbor just down the wrong was broken into several years ago and mostly what was taken was guns.  We also had a local gun shop robbed just a couple of weeks ago.  The owner got clunked on the head pretty good.


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Re: Weeding and preparing to plant

You can restrict your employees from bringing guns onto your property. They have no reason to need them there.

Mike and I have just reviewed a tighter set of standards for our next house tenants, given that the idiot next door carries a sidearm at all times. He is a correctional officer, not a our realtor said, when she called earlier today..." A lawman wannabe". I call him Deputy Dawg.

The problem with so many people is a lack of common sense. This, coupled with an inflated sense of THEIR rights - and, of course, nobody else's - is the real crux of the quandary decent people are in right now.

We had a super civics teacher, whose mantra was "Your rights end where the other person's rights begin." That puts things in better balance.
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