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Week 6 Small Step

Well, I hope everyone made the move to more positive thinking this past week.  I did pretty well, all things considered, except for a couple hours of one day.   As many hours as are in a week, I jave to focus on the others, and let those two be what they were...just a hard spot I had to get through.


That was either a hard goal or an easy one, depending upon your basic nature, I guess.  Mike is bent in the negative direction, and my basic direction is more positive, although I can be quite cynical.  


I did what the step said to do...tried to get him to see the positive, which may be just something less negative than it COULD be.  It Is an uphill battle on a steep slope some days!


This week's step is a breeze by comparison: Take a multivitamin every day.  The balance of vitamins and minerals in a multivitamin should cover the recommended daily requirement, and is formulated to act without conflict in your system.  


It used to be hard to swallow a huge supplement pill.  Now, adults can easily find chewy gummy versions that taste good.  


If you already take a daily vitamin, the book gives a step beyond: take in probiotics.  Recommended sources are yogurt and the many other probiotic products on the market today.  My family prefers acidophilus tablets, which are chewable and come in many different fruit flavors.  There is even probiotic tea out there, if you don't consume dairy.  


Good luck with trading your bad habits for good ones!  


Just curious:How many of you already take vitamins, and does anyone else use probiotics?



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Re: Week 6 Small Step

Yes, we use probiotics.   They are present in most of the stuff my wife deals in.  Most years, if I get the flu, and it sets in my gut, I have it about as bad as anyone.   This year, while I had pain/discomfort in my stomach, I did not throw up, and I seemed to recover quicker.   I think the theory is that the healthy bacteria, help you fight off the harmful ones.The company is affiliated with a doctor, who gives a 'health tip of the week', which sometimes leads one towards a product, and sometimes is a generic tip.   I have been mentioning the generic ones, and with the risk of hijacking your thread, I'll add it here:


Instead of your coffee in the morning, eat an apple.   Depending on your metabolism, an apple first thing in the morning, gets the average person up and going as well as a cup of coffee does, and doesn't have the problem of 'cafienne  withdrawl' that makes you droopy later in the morning.
 I don't think I even have to go on, about which is better for you.


PS, the veggie smoothies, as you say you have been taking, are highly recommended, and you might want to have them in the meal or two before your TKD, and maybe the first thing after.   The enzymes in green veggies, will help pull the lactic acid from overworked musdles, and if you overdo it, it will help you not feel quite so sore, and even if you don't overdo it, it will help get your energy back a little quicker.  They also have properties, that can (over time) ease the symptoms of artritis a bit.


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Re: Week 6 Small Step

The raw diet, which would certainly include fresh leafy greens, fruits and vegetables prepared in a smoothie, is purported to have anti-inflammatory properties.  Since arthritis is an inflammatory disease, it makes sense that eating this way might mitigate he discomfort somewhat.


I have been trying to do without my NSAID medication as much as possible lately...just worry about the damage to my stomach lining.  Normally in wontertime, I am very dependent upon it to just kerp moving without pain. Now, I may have to take it if my sleep is disrupted by pain...but that is becoming rare lately.  I hadn't attributed this to the smoothies, but if that is an effect, it is sure a desired one. 


I do need to step up the probiotics a bit. I am really tempted by the tea.  The immunity boosting one seems to be helping right now.  


Thanks as always for the tips. I will start making sure to throw in some apple in the NB each morning.  Winn and I split fresh fruit whenever we have breakfast together.  He is a cutie junkie, and will tear up a banana.  I hand him an apple for his snack, and he loves the red grapes I cut up for him.  Gping to try him on honeydew this week!

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