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Well, it's official

My MIL has talked to family, taken a test, and has decided that she is in the early stages of Alzheimers.   While still lucid, and able to take care of herself, she has told us she knows she is getting afraid of possibly forgetting a bill somewhere, and wants 'help' taking care of those sort of things.   Her mother, also had AZ, and she remembers they (her children, my MIL and siblings) waited too long before they helped her out with her affairs, and it was a big headache getting everything straightened out.  She tole my wife, she wants her to watch over her affairs, and wants us to help with her banking, budgets, etc.

She has some land, and has 3 rental contracts.   She doesn't have a lot of land by any means, but one guy wanted the grass, another wanted the fields, and a third is living in the house.

So, just to give you an idea of the stuff we have to keep straight, because I am guardian of my injured/disabled brother, when you add it all up, we have 8 checkbooks to balance every month (just to give you an idea of it all).

I could start on a rant about my opinions of family and extended family taking advantage of us (or maybe considering themselves above all of it - see rant in second class citizens thread) but we feel that they need to be taken care of by someone, and if that someone is us, we'll do the best that we can.

However, some things get under my skin, like my ex sister in law, who asked if I would help my brother and his family after he got hurt, and working untold hours for free, because she was 'financially hard up, who then wound up divorcing my brother, saying she is 'saving the farm' for the kids, who then more or less sold off everything but the land, and is vacationing in Hawaii, (after buying a new SUV, and seeing how much was left) as I am sitting here typing this.  However, if I want to interact with my nieces and nephew, I more or less have to grin and bear it.  She is the type, that if you say the wrong thing to her, and get her mad, you just won't see the kids for a while (a couple months at a time, sometimes).  I just hope the kids are around enough people of good influence, that they turn out OK.

I told my wife, I'll deal with my side, if she will deal with her side, with the condition that we get to 'vent' once in a while.

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