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What I learned from kids this week so far...

Saturday morning, I rolled to town, to work on my form for TKD. Got hooked into teaching a class of kids, including some new students I hadn't met. Some of them are on limited memberships, and can only take on days I normally am put of the area.

One kid made the mistake of asking me "Why?" As much the way he did it as that he was being smart-aleck at the time...he is a white belt, so had to be disciplined. As class wore on, I could tell there was more to it. After class, he came up and thanked me for helping him to behave correctly.

As we talked, he said it is sometimes hard for him to stay focused, which was obvious to me. I replied that I have tje same issue at times, at which point he cocked his head, and said, "Do you have ADHD, too? "

I said that I have more OCD...he said, " those are reasons we act like we do, but they aren't excuses. "

Tuesday. I noticed another little boy, whose demeanor is very odd, in full lotus sitting meditation position. When he opened his eyes, I asked if he was done with his meditation. He said, " yes, I was just clearing my mind and centering myself." This is a kid who is at least two years behind in grades, for his age.

Both of these boys are eleven. I felt that each, despite his challenges, taught me something I needed to hear right at that moment in time.

This morning, Winn did something absolutely scandalous, grabbed the seat of his PJs, and made his face into the biggest fake surprise, and said " OH! ". I laughed out loud, until I had tears flowing down my face. Been a long time since that has happened....

So, no excuses, clear your mind and center yourself, and laugh. What have you learned from a kid lately?

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