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What a 48 hours!

Crashing at home today, still in my jammies at 2:30 in the afternoon.  I arrived home at 3:30 yesterday in time to shower and change before all the family arrived. I nearly got stranded in Denver when our second flight attendant had trouble clearing customs from Canada.  You should have heard the clapping when she finally ran up to the gate.  We boarded quicky and lifted off within minutes.  Every one was in such good spirits and I made sure to thank everyone I encountered who was working on Christmas so that we travellers could make it home to our families.


Two DDs were there finishing up the meal preparations when I walked in the door.  There was food on every inch of our countertops, island and table.  What a feast.  All of the gifts were wrapped and under the tree and all 26 stockings were stuffed thanks to the efforts of two special DGDs who just loved being grandpa's "elves" while grandma was out of town.  Our entire family celebrated with us.  It was very very special. 


ThHe last family left around 9:30 and Ed brought a big basket of cards to my chair.  He had saved all of our cards and letters for me to open after I got home.  It was a wonderful way to unwind and share in the peace and quiet that had settled over the house.  I cannot describe to you how good it felt to be home and sleep in my own bed after such a horrible week.  I read all of them aloud and we enjoyed that part of Christmas so much!  Thank you so much for your cards and letters.


Zack called last night to tell me that his dad was speaking more strongly and moving his limbs.  He said they are going to move him to rehab soon as he can get out of ICU.  They cannot begin his chemo until until he is walking and speaking and stronger.   He has to be in the best shape possible to handle the strong treatment. 


Zack sounded positive.  He was with close friends who are more like family.  THey made sure he was not alone for Christmas Day.  They had him for dinner and gifts then went with him to visit his dad and pray together.  This family just makes generosity and compassion look so natural and easy.  I want more than anything to be more like them.  What wonderful people.


Ed and I are making the arrangements for us to leave soon to go to Phoenix for a month or so to help them get started with managing the chemo, rehab and home care.  We will have someone staying at the farm to manage moving grain and Sable which will ease my mind.  My board of trustees is arranging for me to work remotely for the month.  I am picking up a new laptop and meeting with my staff tomorrow to finalize all of the arrangements for me to work from AZ.  We will come back when my other brother and his wife arrive in AZ in February to spend the next month in support of Tom and Zack.  We will never let them go through this without family and are taking it one month at a time.


This morning Ed made coffee and pastry while I slept in.  We opened our gifts to each other and shared a lot of thoughts and feelings about how unexpectedly things can turn on this great stage of life.  Our emotions were dragged low and then brought back through the power of prayer that we felt from our family and friends and church community.  It really is true that the outpouring of love and support gets you through the rough times.


I plan to get a few days rest then tackle the things that need to be done before we go back to AZ.  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas....LA

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Re: What a 48 hours!

What a wonderful family you have and so glad for your brother & son.  The radiation was what DS Brian was made so weak from; he had to use a walker.


I can imagine the comraderie among those travelers.  So glad you had such a beautiful holiday.

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Re: What a 48 hours!

I'd be lying around in my PJ's too.    Hopefully,  you can enjoy the weather in Arizona. 

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