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What a MESS

No, not in my house.  But my first cousin's.  Her oldest son/wife had one child.  A handsome, intelligent young guy, 19 or 20 yrs old.  Entered the Army right after graduation.  On leave he "visited" his old girlfriend & you kow how it goes.  9 months later a little guy made his appearance with daddy in Afghastan.  No marriage at this time.  This girl is just now graduating from H.S.  Her stepdad was not nice to her & her situation  so she moved in with her grandparents, sleeping on the sofa.  (this was before she gave birth)  When she had the baby or right before, my cousin's son/wife took her in.  She was in contact with the father & he was nuts about the little guy whenever he was home. 


Around Christmas they had a private wedding.  He returned to base & was going to send for his new little family as soon as living quarters became available.  His new wife was packed to go right after her graduation only to get divorce papers delivered through the Army.  (keep in mind she's still living with her inlaws)  Seems he had a girl there & thought he could do this but - -.  So now my cousin's son/wife have their soon to be ex DIL & baby (who they've fallen head over heels with) who has pretty much no support from her family, just a graduate, no job, etc.  Obviously, they're not turning her out on the streets but my oh my what a mess!  And the relationship with their son, who has made them so proud of in the past, is definitely not the same.  I know she will get support from the father but what a sticky situation.  And my cousin (great grandma) can't even talk to anyone about it.

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