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What is your longest-lived hobby?

Let's set reading aside from the definition of " hobby", since it is nearly like breathing to me. i realized earlier today, when one of the kids I was teaching in TKD asked me how long I have been studying it, i am going on eight years in the do jhang now.

Maybe this takes it past the hobby level, too. If this was a college program, I'd have a Ph.D. In TKD by now.

I don't think cooking counts as a hobby, either, since someone in a household has to do that to keep everyone alive. I guess some of you have been quilting or knitting since 4-H or even earlier.

I remember being taught to do stamped cross stitch and basic e,broidery in about third grade, and crochet and knitting someone about the same age. Never got very good at any of that, although I did enjoy crewel as a young adult, and doing Winn's stocking last year was fun.

Stained glass was something I picked up by taking studio classes, and I know my BFF and I went there before we started martial arts training together. If you look at hobbies I still like and enjoy, I guess that is the one I have put in the most years doing, and the one I'd choose to do for an afternoon any chance I get...not nearly often enough this past year.

What hobby have you enjoyed the longest, and is it the one you like the most today?