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Honored Advisor

What to pack?

Laughed at our daughter on this trip to Jenna's. She showed me what Winn had added to her toiletries bag for their big horse show trip: his toothbrush, his toothpaste, and his hammer.

He had also filled his own little roll-along suitcase. She had his clothes packed, but this was his set of selections. He added the new set of Duplos I had waiting for him when they arrived. She tried to slip his bag out of their horse trailer and into my truck...but I convinced her that he really needed what he packed along for their trip.

This is what happens when a little boy starts growing up...he gets a mind of his own. As they were loading up for their travels today, he sat in his car seat in the back of their big red truck, ans said, " MaMa, you sit and talk to me."

What better way to start off my day?
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