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What would you do?

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I really need some input from my friends are my trusted advisors. 


I had to take that BOD meeting with my family on Friday.  My attorney told me I could not delegate the duties to him or anyone else.  Daughter and Winn drove me up to Va, first doing some  errands and stopping by Jenna's house.   


This was so she could see what her Daddy and I have done since she visited last.   I needed her input on the RV parking layout for the horse trailers when they come in November, too.   


The meeting was actually very cut and dried.  We adopted a pre-written resolution of succession to the presidency, due to my father's advanced age and some potential impending medical procedures.  We discussed the upcoming mining plan, which possibly includes my farm being torn up yet again.  Actually, that is the main asset still held by the corporation...what mineral is left under those poor, tortured little ninety acres. 


The meeting took maybe thirty minutes, and then, before we could even adjourn, my mother began a two-hour assault on me.  I guess this was her idea of an appropriate time to tell me everything she had ever even THOUGHT I had done wrong in my entire lifetime.  Let's just say,. when your 39th anniversary is next month, it seems misplaced for your mother to lambast you for deciding to get married at nineteen. 


Yes, she went there...although, I did cut her off at the pass, and told her not to bring up the subject of my being a breech birth.  I have had to hear that all my life, as though it was my choice....


I sat and listened to every allegation and told her to ask me every question she had on her mind, and I would answer it.  All I wanted in return was for her to answer one for me:Why did she fail to send my child a birthday card for her last birthday, three weeks and three days before she died?


Even with my sister running interference, and trying to cast it any other way, my mother finally admitted that she had withheld Jenna's card, because of a very nasty spat between her boyfriend and her brother's girlfriend.  First, she tried to day she forgot; but, all the family birthdays were written on the calendar. 


My sister jumped in to say that my mother had stopped sending birthday cards: but,  my daughter asked her why there was one on the desk behind where we were sitting, then,  with my other sister's husband's name on the envdlope - his birthday is the 12th of this month - if that was so.  Then, it was that she wasn't including checks anymore....but, that wasn't the point.  So, busted, my mom admitted that she had held the card back...and then she got up, went to the desk, got the card she had withheld, and gave it to me. 


I know now that the card issue was the only reason I really went to their house.  Otherwise, four months after my child's passing, I would have never set myself up for this type of inquisition...I guess I knew she had it in her.  I guess I had hoped she would respect my grief, and not spill her venom all over me, or at least not so soon.


Silly me. 


It was beyond unkind - it was cruel - and I told her so.  I explained that to do what she had done was lacking in social grace and basic concern for another human being...much less, your own a time of such profound loss.   


I can't describe what it is like to sit for two hours, and hear someone express every imagined fault you have had in your entire full realization that "losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to a mother...your Aunt Lu never got over losing your cousin Mickie." 


Yes, it killed her...thank you for making losing Jenna so much easier for me today.   


When I felt she had rehashed enough ancient history, offered opinons on things she had no direct knowledge about that were solely my business, and I had even gone to the extent of offering to sell a piece of land back to my sister to shut her up (my sister never wanted the land to start with, and certainly didn't want to buy it back), I stood up and asked her if she was done.  She said that she was.


I gathered my things, called my daughter to leave, and went to the door.  She trailed me there, and started in again.  All I could do was double over and beg her to "Please, leave me alone and let me go home."


"Well, there you go, trying to make me feel bad about myself again." 


As I turned to escape, all I could think to say - it was an epiphany that has been waiting  58 years to happen - was, "Yes, everything is always about you." 


I was struck suddenly that this is really what has tormented me all my life...that it wasn't MY life, but hers.  She has truly felt entitled to control, to criticize, everything I have ever done.  I think the pain of the previous two hours was the price I had to pay,  to have this crystallize clearly for me at long last. 


Slow learner....


Here is my question:  I know I have to deal with how I feel about my mother internally, and I am doing that, but not rushing to a standpoint. One issue I do feel complled to clear up though, and I want opinions from you on, is about whether it is worth the effort. 


The first thing she jumped me about, and at least five times it surfaced throughout the conversation, was that I had "cussed out (her) cousin Mark, when he asked to hunt your farm." 

Every time, I asked her who told her such a ridiculous thing, but she would not say. 


This guy is a couple of years younger than I am, and lives at the other side of the county here in NC.  I recall exactly three conversations with him, in the eighteen years we have been here.  None of them involved him hunting on our place, and I have never cursed around him, as I know he is very devoutly religious.   


One involved his company hauling rock to the farrmers' market I was helping to organize at the time   The second contact was at his grandmother's funeral home visitation, when she passed.  The third time we saw each other, I was with a group of martial arts students, and we were doing a demonstration for youth at his church.    I recall that he was on the lunch line, and served me a hotdog. 

Nothing untoward, nothimg acrimonious, nothing for her to have 'heard';   however, she was sure I had cussed him out when he asked to hunt here....which he has never done.  If he had asked, I would have told him what I tell everyone:  We don't permit hunting, because there are horses and riders here,  and family members working outdoors every day of the year. 


The only way I can think of to clear this up is to call him, and ask him to clarify the situation for my mother, that I have never insulted him inthis manner.  I wouldn't hesitate to call him and ask; but, then, i will have stirred up muck in her family.  It is a damned if i do, damned if i don't thing. 


I think I should at least clear up any potential misunderstanding between him and me.  I don't think there is even remotely possibly is one, but I would apologize, if he thought I said something wrong along the way.  I guess I could do that, and not even ask him to contact my parents.  They will never believe me if he doesn't though; because, as we all know, I am a pathological liar - and I was born tailfirst. 


So, friends:What would you do, to clear your name of this allegation?  Or, does it even matter anymore? 

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