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Where to start?

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I finally got myself to go into our former home on Mike's place this week. We needed to collect the heat exchanger our son left behind,  when he bought his own home earlier this year.  


I had been putting this off, until we got Jenna's house essentially completed.  With the painter gone and the heating system only needing the add- on of that exchanger, to protect our plants in the new solar space on cloudy winter days, it is time to get that rental income coming in.  


 Doing over four  or five structures at once this spring and summer had about done me in, and I was not emotionally prepared for being in the  space where our family began.  Finally bit the bullet this week with Mike.  Again on Thursday, I met with a friend at the house, to be introduced to the young man she's helping to get started in business.  This is the wife of the wood boiler man, our own MacGyver.  


Their young friend is a member of their church.  He has five or six very young kids, and his wife passed away about a year ago.  Our friend's family keeps the baby that was  delivered just two weeks before the woman passed away, so that he can work.  They have hired him to remodel their own rental properties, and to hire out to help others with theirs


Our son left the house in very close to ready condition.  Most of what needs doing now is the difference in renting the house for $800 a month, and being able to ask $1000.  Cosmetic, not structural.  


As the guy said the other today, what he needs to do won't take very long, unless I want to strip some wallpaper and paint...which I am pretty sure I need to do, to get the uptick in rent.  The difference each month for six months will pay for his time and the materials.


i made a preliminary list when Mike and I went there on Tuesday, and I saw a couple of things Thursday we missed.  Between the other couple's current rental re- do and ours, which is essentially the guy's fill-in job off the side of theirs, we need to do a thorough cleaning, and replace flooring in the back mud room/ laundry.  


One small plumbing repair, which Mrs, MacGyver says she will get her husband to do for us, and the house will be ready to go.  The old greenhouse/ shed needs some framing fixed, and a paint job.  Our teenaged helper can go up and get the painting done in a day.  


I know things will turn up as we go along; but, I am highly encouraged that even with the holidays in the midst and tax time after that, we can have this house ready to rent by the first of February.  If the agent is true to her former performance, she will have it earning by April.  


Today, I am taking a key to MacGyver's house,  making a master list of tasks for the helper, and heading to Lowe's and Home Depot, to get some supplies and make the flooring measurement appointment.  I am trying to figure where to tell him to start first.  


What we did with the house at Jenna's was pay for the things we didn't want to contemplate doing ourselves first - high ladder and underneath the house, mostly - and make sure the hired help did that stuff.  I can touch up paint on a baseboard, but do not want to be doing the same job on a roof gable.  Mike can fix wiring and some carpentry things, so we may actually do the shed re-framing ourselves, and hang a few new light fixtures.


I guess I will make a master list, and put the things we least want to do ourselves on top.   Think the guy is coming for his first first  day on Tuesday.  I have to get my head together and lay out his list by tomorrow, so it will be ready when he comes.  I should probably sketch out the house and label the rooms, to refer to from the list, too.


Meanwhile, I have to decide where I want to start cleaning first.  I am thinking of taking the farthest back bedroom and bath, and working out from there.  The other option is to start at one entrance, and work my way into the house.  I am a very poor cleaner...which way would you work an empty house: from the inside out, or the outside in





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