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Whew! Good checkup

In June, my optometrist told me he thought I might be heading for cataract aurgery. he wanted to refer me to an eye surgeon; but zi told him that I doubted I would heal, given Jenna's recent passing, amd the fact that I was crying a lot at the time. He agreed, and told me to come back in November. Today was the day, so Mike brought me back to Carolina for the late afternoon appointment. He got his glasses adjusted and ran to the bank, while they ran me through the paces. With correction, the eye that's of most concern still sees 20/30. No change, so no surgery for Christmas! The other eye is kind of ruined due to damage to the retina, which occurred when I had a bad bicycle wreck at the age of ten. I can't even recognize Mike or the kids with my left eye, so the prospect of surgery on the right one had me uptight. I know it's coming somewhere down the road, but at least not in the near future. What a relief! Winn had his one- year checkup this afternoon, too. He has gotten four new teeth this past week ( poor baby!) and had grown right at two inches in the past two months. It is NOT my imagination that he can reach and get into more mischief these days. He is starting to talk quite a bit, too, and turned out his first sentence this evening. Glad I will literally be able to enjoy watching him grow, right before my eyes. Anyone here had cataract surgery yet? What's the lowdown on it? Ihave heard great and terrible things, sometimes out of the same person.
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