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Wikileaks and ET

This week's further reports on the treasonous leaks of information by US armed services personnel to the Wikileaks website brought out one truly intriguing blurb:  The leaked information carried evidence of contact with extraterrestrials. 

I have been fascinated with the possibility of contact with our outer-space neighbors ( I do believe they are there) since I read Chariots of the Gods many years ago.  I have never heard credible explanations for some of the many archaeological sites that mankind apparently lacked the skills to build.  Our government has been formally searching for signals from other planets in the SETI program for several years now. 

I just ran a Google search on this recent release of information, and found not much.  Have any of you heard this news item, and do any of you have any more details? 

Daughter's new boyfriend is a fan of "Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel.  I just learned about this show, and have a few episodes recorded, am watching one right now.  This one is about the Voyager spacecraft and the messages we selected to be sent into deep space. 

You have to wonder why our nation has spent so much on this and SETI....

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