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Re: Windows covered or uncovered?

I just counted and there are 27 (!) windows in this big old house! 18 of them are eight feet tall! We have replaced the 9 smaller ones and 2 of the eight footers so far. I would like to replace the remaining tall ones over the next two years if possible. I remember when we bought the house being emphatic that the window treatments for the tall windows s be included as I knew it would cost a bundle if we had to go out and buy them. They are great quality and neutral so i have kept them for most of the main rooms. They are long panels that can be pushed back alongside the windows or pulled for privacy or energy efficiency. They are all insulated which is very important to me.

Older houses like ours tend to be dark and i love lots of bright sunshine so they are mainly open.

All of or bedrooms are on the second floor and we dont have any neighbors closer than quarter mile so privacy isnt as big a factor as keeping heat in or out depending on the time of year.

I bought wood blinds for the new bath but they arent installed yet. Got new panels for the master bedroom but i am not sure i like them. The walls are a very light seafoam, the floors are pecan wood and i bought chocolate brown panels for an accent. The colors look great in the bath where the floor is white tile but i am not sure if i will like the dark curtains with the wood floor. I have to pick the area rug and see how it looks. I rug will be seafoam and chocolate but not sure if i want it light background or dark.

Ill be sooooooo glad to be done with this project. At least we are up to the fun stuff now!
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