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Windy! Taxes, etc.

It is so windy-it is fighting to get into every little crevise in this old house.  We have replacement windows but they are having a time keeping the whistling out. 


Tomorrow is to be sunny but really cold.  February just will not let go of winter.  Can't wait for spring.  Even the birds have taken a hike around here. 


Cannot wait for these taxes to be in the mail.  Every time I think I'm done I come upon some little something or other that upsets my apple cart.  Got our mail today & there was a tax statement for the neighbors.  Almost put it back in the mailbox but I thought they might need it.  Stopped by with it just as they were getting ready to go to their accountant.

I thought all this stuff had to be in by the end of January?  They were glad to get it.



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Re: Windy! Taxes, etc.

It appears several of us are in the same fix. My appt is Monday morning and I am still working on getting it all together.

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Re: Windy! Taxes, etc.

Glad our tax appointment was yesterday, sleet and all, instead of tomorrow. Mike informs me that the wind will be getting wicked by late tomorrow, and we may be in single digits ny the weekend nights, which is super-cold for us.

Yes, old houses present a special challenge. We see even a great difference in the 1980s vintage doublewide next door in VA, and especially my c 2000 stick built office in NC. Anything built before the oil embargo in mid-seventies is less energy efficient, for sure.

Go to the boiler dealer tomorrow, to deliver the check for the next huge one, which is the upgrade here at Jenna's house. We get warm in a little while when we arrive, with the smallest sized one here now, but Mike is looking forward to the house being warm without him having to head straight oitside when we arrive.

That was later tonight, because of the planning board meetimg I had to chair in NC. I think in a couple of weeks, we will be toasty for days on end with one fill of wood.

As for 1099s, one was waiting for us when we got back, post-appointment, last night. It was different from my records, but the rental agent had reported our gross rents, not the net after her fee was taken out each month. I had to call to reconcile the figures...gross on the 1099 minus her ten percent.

My goal tomorrow, besides paying for more heating appliances, is to clean these old pine flooors, vacuum rugs, and stick close by the fire. I pulled on my knee-high leather boots today, and I finally got why you girls love them so...with a long, insulated trench coat, I felt quite comfy.
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