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Linda's "BIg day" thread got me reflecting upon what makes for a really good day.  While I love one occasionally when I get to go and do special things, I am growing to appreciate more the comforts of home and the company of my husband.  (Borrowing from another thread, most other people and places tend to disappoint me too often.) 

We talked a bit about a good cup of tea, time to read a good book, and sharing a good meal, mayb ewatchgin a favorite old movie on TV.   I just realized that one thing that I adore about being at home is the chance to wrap up in a really comfortable afghan, and to wear clothes that truly do not have to look good, just feel good.

Earlier this week, I had a package arrive from a backorder I'd placed last fall.  I am sure they had e-mailed me and offered to cancel, but I was curious about this fabric, which this company calls "Wooby," and I liked the color (periwinkle) and style (short, single-button robe) for ballign up in at night or on cool mornings.  Anyway, it turned up five months late, but in this case, better late than never. 

Yesterday morning, Mike asked me over breakfast coffee to go out and check the compost he'd scopped into a couple of the trough beds, before he went further with that chore.  It was pretty out, but the wind was a bit cool for my lightweight PJs, so I grabbed the package off of the chair where I'd dropped it, and pulled on my new shortie Wooby robe. 

As the kids say on text, OMG! It was so soft and warm, not a hint of scratchiness.  Felt like being cradled in a cloud.  I did not want to take it off, and delayed getting bathed and dressed for quite a while.  (Now, that's a good day!)

I think they named this cloth after the kid's blanket in the movie "Mr. Mom."  That little boy's attachment to his wooby was one of my favorite parts of that favorite oldie...I wanted to cry when Jaws (that huge, hulking vacuum cleaner) ate it.  It so totally represented the loss of comfort that comes with change.  When his dad told him to suck it up, it broke my heart...the essence of all "growing up" in a way. 

Recalled for me a midnight search for my little sister's blankie, shreds of which turned up in the flashlight beam under a bush, thanks to the family dog dragging it away earlier in the day.   Having never had an attachment to such an object myself, I had to learn from one of my kindergarten students one day, when she explained why her "feelie" strip of blanket satin she brought in her backpack was so important for her to touch at naptime. 

My only other official "wooby" was a small "black sheep" fleecy throw that LG and I used to share in my chair at nights.  When she went to Heaven, I washed it and folded it away...just cannot bring myself to use it without her there.  I think that maybe when I put this robe on yesterday, it recalled some of that comfortable feeling...I know I've been missing it. 

So, I've come to be a kindred spirit with Linus as an adult.  I'm hooked on my daughter says it is pretty enough to wear as a cardigan, so it might even get to leave home now and then.  It feels positively sinfully soft, so that is a very tempting prospect. 

Here name is Kay, and I am a wooby addict.  Do any of you have a favorite sweater, sweatshirt, flannel PJ pants, or blanket that just comforts your more than any other thing on Earth?>

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Re: Wooby??

We all battle over a throw type comforter I made from a batt that came from our sheep wool.

It is so warm in the winter-we call it the magic blanket.  You pull it UP over you & your eyelids go DOWN.  I have a few more that I need to work on.  Just got some more lining material from JoAnn fabrics last week. 

It's so madening since WalMart quit handling fabrics & the little dime store which also did, went out of business, I have to travel 40 M. for fabric & notions that are cheaper.  The local quilt store is nice & I do go there for better material but it's a pain not to be able to run closer when you figure wrong, etc.

Kay, I'd sure like to get one of those wooby robes.  Where did it come from?

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Re: Wooby??

Try this link:


The catalog is Sahalie...I like their stuff, but some of it is too hip for me.  The calf-length robe is not available right now. 

They call this one a "lazy lounger," and it come down over the would need PJ pants under it.  I got it in the blue, but it comes in cream, too.  It is soft as can be.  

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