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Wore Me Out!!

DGDs came at 9, another DGD and DGS at 11.  We have done everything from staking fruit trees to water wars to sack races.  They have worn me out!

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Re: Wore Me Out!!

I do NOT see how you handle a bunch of grands...unless they are a good deal older than Winn...and, I know you are a number of years younger than me. He came over by eight this morning, and left after nine tonight, with his Mama only seeing him briefly when she came in for more ice.

We did the bird park until lunchtime, then went produce shopping for daughter, and visited our friends at the Extension office. We enjoyed a lot of porch time, with his sand and water table and sandbox, it is getting kind of gritty out there, but he is happy as a clam.

The funniest thing I have seen in a while was him feeding his new " vintage" rocking horse some of his goldfish crackers for snack this morning. Ths kid is a trip...and I'm slightly frazzled tonight, too. Wouldn't trade it for snything....
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