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Working odd ingredients into your diet?

Last week, Midwest Farm asked how to get more beans into her diet, to make (Dr. Oz's?)  G-BOMB goals.  I sugggested hummus, which seemed good for her. 


I am aiming to take in a bit of unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar each day...supposedly a source of potassium and other good things.  Oddly, this deficiency is said to be the reason for saggy eyelids, which I have been so ashamed of for several years now.  I think they make me look like I am  a hundred.  Trying this before corrective surgery, which some of my elderly aunts have done to correct the problem. 


I could not think of how I wanted to consume vinegar, until i started looking at what I eat now, and what vinegar could reasonably be workind into, and thought:Apple cider vinaigrette!  Googled this one, and got tons of ideas.  Simplest, with no perishable ingredients that fight wiht the oil, is this:


1/2 c. apple cider vinegar (best to use unflitered organic with the mother in it)

2-4 Tablespoons of honey, to taste ( I used a quarter cup - local is best, of course)

3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil (I have recently been tod, the greener, the better)

Dash of black pepper and a sprinkle of sea salt. 


Measure all of this into a 2-cup Pyrex cup, then pour into a Mason jar,  shake well, and it is WONDERFUL on a fresh green salad.  No refrigeration needed, I think.


This is my easiest solution to the vinegar addition to my daily routine.  Anyone else got easy ways that you can share?  Until pickling season, this is the way to go, I think. 


Anyone else trying to work a different or unusual ingredient into your diet lately? 

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Midwest Farm
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Re: Working odd ingredients into your diet?

I think we are on parallel tracks on our desired nutritive behavior lately! I'm a big proponent of Bragg's ACV (Heinz won't work for health benefits because the "mother" isn't there); I try to have a tablespoon in a mug of water and ice, sipping it when I'm trying to relax in the evening. I've heard of others really liking the vinaigrette made with it....go for it Kay!


As for other weird food items, I'm trying to find goji berries and see what they are all luck yet. I'm still gung-ho for my Nutribullet pet, but I need to wean myself away from just fruit smoothies and make vegetable ones. I plan tonight to "blast" tomatoes, onions, garlic and some herbs, then heat it up and enjoy.


I haven't eaten much gluten since last October and although I have no problem with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, I think that diabetes is so prevalent in the US, anything I can do to deter glucose weirdness is a good idea. I eat about 95% less gluten than before and it is not half as difficult as I thought it would be. Gluten-free crackers are a God-send when I need to "crunch" something RIGHT NOW, and the added fiber from 2 Nutriblasts/day takes up the slack. From my personal observance, women in their 50s and on up, no matter how slim before, seem to get the "wheat belly" and that is a major contributor to diabetes. I'm going to try to stay out of that club. 



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Re: Working odd ingredients into your diet?

You are hitting right on my wavelength...Bragg's.  Had bought some of their products via their website a while back.  Do not think I am up to drinking in water just yet...maybe someday!


Goji berries abound on amazon.  I tend to buy two-packs of things, since I keep kitchens in two houses stocked now.  Haven't tried the carob nibs I bought yet.  


Will be stepping off to more veggies when spring arrives...let me know how you like the soup.  The vinaigrette was delicious to the veggie lunch is a huge spring green & spinach salad, with pumpkin or sunflower seeds (also off amazon), and a few croutons.



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