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YAHHH! Yard day!!!

It is three p.m., and Mike has been helping me since lunchtime with yardwork.  Rain finally blew through late yesterday, and it's gorgeous here today.  He got the mowing done this morning, which left the places he couldn't get to with the mower very obvious. 

We started with dragging the new solar cover across the pool.  The water is at 74 in the open, and this is supposed to raise it 15 degrees without even turning on the heater.  Pushing ninety in a day or two will make it swimmable by the first of May. I can hardly wait to hop in....

It will take days to get it all looking good elsewhere; but, so far, it's looking a lot better.  He ran the trimmer, and I've been pulling chickweed and henbit. 

He got my golf cart sprayer setup going, and we filled the tank with Roundup MAX mix. I've been spraying where he's trimmed, so it won't need weedeating again.  I've moved lawn furniture, raked some spots, and will be spending the next couple of hours, until suppertime, spraying and raking. 

I put those recycled tire "mulch" rings around all of the small trees we planted last year.  While weeding, I found a beautiful volunteer oak, I hope rooted so that we can move it. It's about six feet tall, so big enough but not too big to transplant.  I have one ring to spare, so tha must be what it was meant to be used to figure out the right spot to set it, though. 

All the herbs I've been able to find so far are planted in iron hangers on my office railing and in the pots right below it.  The tomatoes are already taking off in the raised beds, some already blooming,  and a couple more are really jumping in pots beside the sidewalk.  I plan to pick up a couple more things like that for some pots that were wasted on flowers last summer, when I go into town to train tomorrow morning. 

I still have my work cut out for me, weeding a few beds that got ratty last fall, and raking tons of leaves and grass clippings into the composter.   My helper got sidetracked with a feed system repair on the farm, but that's okay...his stamina limit for yardwork is about three hours max anyway. 

Hope it's warming up where you are, drying out if you're wet, raining if you've been too dry.  We get a glorious day here and there...finally, one when I can be here to enjoy it.  It is hard work, but fun!

  Do you like yardwork, merely tolerate it, or despise it? 

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Re: YAHHH! Yard day!!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn day !!!!!!!

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Re: YAHHH! Yard day!!!

I like yard work.   I've spent the entire afternoon mowing.   Still have about another hour of mowing to do.   Trimming with weedeater will have to wait for another day.    Just mowing  and picking up sticks.  ( We cut down two dead trees this winter and I've got a place I still have to rake a big section of the yard before I can mow.   I  now know I have to rake.   I tried to mow part of it? ) 


Our yardwork  looks easy compared to Alabama. 

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Re: YAHHH! Yard day!!!

I love yardwork, at least most of it.  Probably felt this way because the results are so immediate and observable.  Am with you on the sticks...this windy winter and spring have really pruned a lot of small deawood into the yard. 

My helper actually rematerialized for about anothe rhour late in the afternoon.  I had started raking a small sectionof the yard between the house adn office, where most of the leaves off of a big oak had bagged into plies by the solid wood pool fence. 

He was a lifesaver...I raked them to the sidewalk, and he raked them on into a gravelled section where we can get them onto tarps and haul them to the composter today.  Due to our recent heavy rains, the leaves were wet and pretty heavy, so took a lot more "ooomph!" to move, so his muscle was most welcome.

As he got under some smaller trees and crepe myrtles, he complained of branches hitting him in the face.  I started whacking low ones, and he started pulling them out into piles, then hauling the piles to the edge of the woods for me. 

When I walked out this morning to check e-mail, it looked like a whole new least, in that little slice of it.  When I turn a corner, I'll have another whole week's worth of this facing me.

We made a date for after morning chores and lunch to transport the leaves to the rot pile.  Then, I expect he'll take a bike ride, and I'll keep planting in the garden and weeding in the yard, or painting some more doors...depending upon what the weather forecast is for tonight.   

Enjoy your weedeating.  My goal in life is not to ever have to pick that thing up again! 

We've seen reports of the storm cleanup here in NC, and it's amazing the number the trucks in convoys going to the chipper in Raleigh.  Alabama is a total disaster in some spots...I think they will be finding bodies for a while to come...449 still "missing" last night.  That storm was a perfect example of how ill-prepared the Southeast is for tornadoes. 

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Love the yard work

Well, love it with one exception.  And that is all the raking we have to do every spring along the road.  With the large amount of snow we get up here, the plows spread a lot of dirt and sand over the yard's edge.  Only takes a couple of hours, but despise that job.

Wife and I have cleaned up about a third of the 20-some perrenial beds, and I've started power washing the decks getting ready for a coat of sealer.  Will be a while for us before we have to worry about mowing.  Still have putting the snowblower away on my list of things to do!

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Re: Love the yard work

I believe that every homeowner has one yard work chore that they truly despise. Mike took over mowing for me about five or six years ago, when the mower's levers left me with numb hands for hours after a couple hours of running the machine.
Neither of us is crazy about raking leaves, so it didn't get done last fall, due to my school and his wanting to bring it up. Consequently, we have been raking for part of the last three days, and it will take a couple more sessions just around the house, then a couple more in front of the office and the driveway side of the pool fence. I am hoping to have it all knocked out within one week.
We could have completed the raking, but have been lopping up low-hanging limbs and thinning out shrubs as we go along. I have been putting down those recycled tree mulch rings and planting herbs and some vegetable garden, too.
We have been raking the leaves and twigs onto a plastic tarp, then dragging the to the trampoline frame composter, which is nearly level full already. That is a pile of leaves!
I've spent some time while Mike was doing his chores painting the doors to the house, pool shed and garage. Office ones need doing, too. Four down, ten more and the overhead garage door to go. I am beginning to like raking more than painting!
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