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Yet more fun...

In the office for a few this morning, to print a W-4 for the new employee, so the CPA can do his payroll net before Friday.  First, the automatic lock woudn't let me in.  Great. 


Someone left my alarm system off here last time in, and I doubt it was me. 


Hike around the unlocked pool side back door, and stepping inside realize it is cooler out there, at eighty-something, than it is in here.  Great! Second AC repair call out here in two months. 


Hoping the two batches of wine in the carboys aren't turned to vinegar yet.  No telling how long this has been out of whack..and it was 100 here yesterday again.


Still have truck stuck in shop in Virginia, and just posted check for $1700 pump repair at Jenna's house last Thursday. 


At least this computer system didn't shut down from the heat...yet.  Got my two checks done and the tax form I neeed printed out.  Still got to get an email back form CPA, after I get his number of dependents called back to me. 


Expecting a call from Lowe's with the figure for the new carpeting over there, today.  Mike's measurements yesterday, leave us with about $250 in wall panelling, to repalce what the children tore out in their bedroom. 


I am beginning to think that woman locked them in there, and just let them tear it to similar damage in the rest of the house, just mouseholes (even though I paid an exterminator) and fist holes.  Lovely bunch.  Doubt the kids would have only ruined one room, unless that was the one they were kept penned up in. 


Well, at least Winn is sleeping in with his Daddy this morning.  That gies me this chance to get my office work behind me for today.  Will have to come back for the payroll printout later, or at least by Friday. 


My birthday present of cattle feeders is arriving from Iowa on Tuesday.  Got to have them, becasue bilosolids are due any day there.  My farm shoud be done by now, and the radars looked like a LOT of rain may have fallen there during the night


Meanwhile, Mike is on my July 1st deadline to give me his waste records, or has to do them by hand again himself this year.  I think asking me to catch up on over six months' worth is asking too much, since I have to learn to use the computerized system, too. 

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