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Re: You would never know

I am not sure of the year and this will sound strange in today's world of spraying the roads before a snow or ice and seeing the county trucks out when there is nothing for them to do. In the 60's we spent a sunny warm New Year's day cutting up an old dead tree. Eating hot dogs cooked over the trees scraps. Jan 1st it snowed and the cold and snow and ice lasted until Feb.. We live near a highway and the road had over one inch of thick clear ice that remained the entire month. School was out until February.  My DH went to work in town and I remember that he took me grocery shopping once near the end of the month. I don't know what the county roads were like but there was no way the buses could run.  The school year was just short that year. The neighborhood kids used their sleds on our small hill that year and enjoyed a long  Christmas break.

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