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Your clothes on TV?

One of the sort of goofy show we enjoy on TV is " Raising Hope". Mike flipped the recording of this week's episode on after supper last night, and we had a hoot as usual. Like Greg Garcia's previous creation, "My Name is Earl", this show is loaded with quirky character actors. Among them is Cloris Leachman, who plays the doty, 80-ish great- aunt, Maw- Maw. To explain her antics to those who don't watch this show, on one occasion, she gave herself a facelift with Scotch of the funniest sight gags I have ever see. She is just " not all there". We've talked a lot on here about finding styles we like that don't make us feel ancient...and I've spoken up for Ruby Rd. Bought a funky fringed sweater by that brand yesterday on my girls' day trip. I don't claim to be on the cutting edge of style, but think of this brand as not "old lady chic", for sure. I suddenly realized last night that Maw- Maw was wearing one of my favorite RR tops...BUMMER! Here I have been thinking that I looked spiffy for middle-aged, and now, I see the show's stylist thinks my sense of style is appropriate for a senior citizen who's slipping. Talk about feeling old in an instant.... In over fifty years of watching lot of TV, this is only the second time I have ever seen garment I recognized as identical to one I owned on screen. I am sure some jeans or boots have slipped by unnoticed, but as many clothes as there are, and as out of style as I apparently am, guess the odds are that no one wanted to be seen in anything I would wear. Mike and ingot a good laugh put of this shared style last night, when I pointed it out to him. Just made me wonder if any of you ever had this experience, of seeing your clothing in a movie or on TV?
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Re: Your clothes on TV?

If you like it and it makes you feel good, then it IS stylish. I see the humor in your preception, though. I bought my first ever Ruby Rd a month ago....still haven't worn it....long sleeved black T with a splash of red floral across the front...maybe wear it today on outing with my nephew....going antiquing and botanical garden to photograph cactus....should be a great day!
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