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buggy season

After having over 4" of rain in 24 hrs. plus 1" added to that, I'm afraid we're in for a buggy season around here.  I've already gotten about 4 bad ones which swelled up & itched & just walking from the barn to house I killed a little gnat or something at the base of my hairline but not before he bit me.  Guess I'll have to invest in some new bug spray along with the sunscreen.

Anybody else noticing such excitement?

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Re: buggy season

We had to fight the houseflies a couple of days last week, while the boys had the wall ripped out of one side of the house, and until we could swat them all.  I saw quite a few mosquitos when I was painting a couple of weeks ago, but it's dried up enough that they seem more scarce now. 


TOO many TICKS!!!  The guinea fowl are nesting and hanging out in the back of the farm, I think due to the young dog we have now chasing them in the yard.  She cannot go around the sheepdogs - they rolled her hard once or twice when Mike took her on the golf cart -  so they are smart enough to stay near the flock.  I probably get at least one tick a day off of me...but usually while they are still crawling. 


I haven't used it yet, bu ti am seeing a new OFF! repellant spray.  It says it is dry formula.  That wouls be a godsend, since I have always hated the greasy feeling that stuff gives my skin.  Always fetl it made the heat feel even hotter.  You can't air dry when wearing it, with the sweat trapped underneath the oil in the spray. 


We keep OFF! and wasp & hornet bomb in lots of stashes around here.  Cicadas are drumming up a loud racket for the past several weeks.  They are creepy-looking, with those huge red eyes.  Sounds like aliens in the woods...thank goodness only every 13 years. 



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