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caregiver needs care

Well I got myself in a fine mess. Been putting off this knee/ back issue too long. Overdid yesterday walking, trying to get back on a fitness program and then went to mom's & made too many trips up/down the stairs. I had been to the chiropractor, went again today but too little too late I fear. DB tried to push the apartment we looked at then I took her again. Now her colitis is acting up & I need to go there & redo medications plus take her to Dr. Next week. That is if I can walk! She doesn't know my condition; she will feel bad. Bottom line- guess I'm not wonder woman like I think. Hosted 2 family dinners, worked with DB carrying stuff out of her basement, took her shopping, and then fiasco yesterday. Along with this her stress of deciding whether to move. We may soon both need a keeper.
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