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Re: cell phones and low wage workers

I don't know the answer.  I used to provide landline to the employee residence, but stopped, because they all have cell phones now, so why spend that every month for nothing?


I have observed that they can be reached when they are at work, but often have "trouble" when they are away being reached by us.  Notice if they are using it while on duty....


The employee house is here,  so transportation isn't an issue.  Done that way by design.


That said, the current guy bought a used Explorer from our daughter, and has wrecked it in the storm last Monday, after having had 8000 miles put on it in the first six weeks they had it.  With that totalled, they are now dependent upon his family and their friends to get them places again, and I am not making any point of hauling them.  Again, people manage to get to where they want to go. 


To be honest, I really like this kid, but the "wife" is a real case.  Cannot write it all here, as it's a family website.  Let's just say worse than a soap opera.  I cannot get inolved, because it is inappropriate to do so.  Daughter has given her an earful, though. 


There are cheap cell phones out now, intended for children to contact their parents and vice versa...just saw something about them the other day.  I think they can only call a couple of numbers, and maybe 9-1-1.   


Don't know if that would be an option, for the farm to fund.  Hold final pay uintil the phone is returned, deduct its value if it's not? Might be worth checking into.