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Re: cell phones and low wage workers

I am sort of exhausted today.  Finally just got the tax stuff for the bare bones of filing tomorrow printed out FROM MY SMARTPHONE, because something went glitchy amongst my email server, this computer and the iPad all three. 


No, make that FOUR, because the laptop in VA got the forms the first time, but after printing them, I noticed two big mistakes on the cover letter, that changed the entire filing.  Somewhere in between getting the incorrect ones and the corrected ones, the server quit delivering my mail entirely.  Of course, no tech support that late on Saturday night, and with a sleetstorm hitting the East Coast again.  My server's crowd is in PA.


I figured out how to print from my phone today...there's a free app for that!


It can be done wirelessly, but the printer is already installed to the computer so I just connected it with a USB on the tower, and downloaded my phone's files into the memory of the machine.  Alternatively, I could have connected the phone to the office WiFi. becasue the printer is on that LAN. 


Printed what they needed, we signed and sent it in via email attachment just now.  Tried to fax, but their line was busy constantly. 


Then again, I could probably have done this on the printer in my workspace up north, but it is a touchy one.  We needed to move here before it got too late and everything froze on the roads again. 


Technology blows me away when it works, and after four or five total failures since Thursday, this last-ditch effort worked today,. 


Nothing like last-minute drama, and especially since we had to thread the needle on getting back to my office to try this, due to the above-mentioned storm.  when we get ice in the morning sometimes we can leave late enough to travel in the heat of the day, which today was barely 33 degrees. 


To add drama, the "check engine" light came on as we were driving home,  Then, the oil pressure warning symbol blinked enough to notice, but did not stay lit, which would have made us pull over and stop on the shoulder in freezing rain.  Even more $$$ going out in my future. 


My checks to UST, NCDOR and VADOT are written and ready to mail. 


Don't know what I would do, without all this excitement.