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Re: cell phones and low wage workers

As LA notes, I think their objectives were educated mother elevates the entire family. In fact, I have read that the mothe's level of education is a good inducator of how the children will do in life, at least in similar terms of school accomplishment.

This whole thing of the woman setting the family's course is really on my heart this morning. Our hired guy's children have been taken from their home. I hadn't really been told much, until last night. We had been homebound a lot lately, and with schools closed two weeks for snow, I hadn't really noticed that there were no bus stops being made there.

Daughter was back at work from her vacation yesterday. Guy was filling her in that his children had been not allowed back in their home from slightly before the weather went to pot. He and wife had gotten off with each other, over one of her children tripping ang falling over his feet. Both called the law, and the law had called social services, due to conditions in the home.

The entire house was freshly painted inside and cleaned before they moved in. We have had to get after them to pick uo trash a few times in the yard, but I don't go inside. Not appropriate.

Turns out the wife and children have been staying at his elderly aunt's house fir over two weeks, then he goes to watch the kids all night. I feel sorry for that little lady when she returns from her trip, because the guy says wife has " torn up her house, too".

So, the whole cleanup on the house here has fallen on him. His wife's way of appreciating his aunt is to ruin her nice home, too.

It is really hard. Here we pay him to work, and provide a bills-paid household. They get child support from two of the children's other dads. They could have a basically carefree life, but there is constant drama, just because this girl will not pick up trash off the floor and wash their clothes, in the machines we provide and pay power and water for.

What do you do with someone like that? He has already been late to work some days, because she had left him in charge and gone off for the night. We like him and he does his job okay, but this is unraveling fast.