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Re: cell phones and low wage workers

Kay,  I think he knows what he should do.   But,  he can't. The Drama Queen will turn him in.   She will call it abuse if he stands over yelling to pick up trash.   Even though NO ONE will believe that yelling for her to clean up her family's mess is abuse. But,  she will love the drama.  And you will be out of an employee while she manipulates the system.  She'll divorce him  since she doesn't want to do her job.    Someplace along the timeline  she got away from learning how to do anything.... probably from a parent that lived off the government doing nothing  all day long.    The aunt will come home and throw a kinipshan fit tell her she WILL pick up and clean up the mess SHE MADE.   And she'll just walk away.  Storm out the door with her little tribe of ????   Until someone forces criminal charges and alll the kids are taken away  she will NOT lift one finger.   I take it she does have one and only one skill.  I bet the house/s she grew up in looked just like these.     I'm sure a nursery full of pigs ready to leave are cleaner than her house. 

He needs to find a relative to watch the herd,  then he take her out to your house  and tell her to clean.    When she says no,  Yell at her to clean.   All the while  he cleans.   Tell her if she is not going to clean... then when HE GETS it clean.   He will go get the kids  and she can leave  forever.   The house is his to use  not hers If she won't clean up and everyone  knows it  he'll get at least his kids.  Child care could be the big problem. 

I know it won't work  but there has to be something that would scare her into being a real mom.    I'd say  someone needs to call DCFS  again to see the aunt's house and take the kids  AGAIN!   She can't get them until she completes a parenting course  and has a clean house to put them in.