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chance encounter

We ate at our favorite casual family bar/restaurant yesterday.  I was kind of nervous about eating out & we always get family style chicken w/homemade spaghetti, ravioli, fries, & salad.   yum-true Italian fare.  I still struggle   with cutting my food up & didn't want to have to eat chicken caveman style.  With DH's help we had an enjoyable meal.


As we were leaving I was talking w/the owner about my broken wrist & he pointed out a gal who also broke hers but had it in a cast.  We got acquainted & she was the same age as me & we had our accidents 2 days apart.  It was so nice to compare our "handicap" & be able to talk to someone who had the same problems.  I felt like I was ahead in some ways as I have no cast & am doing PT already-altho not accomplishing much.  She may jump ahead after her cast comes off.  She definitely is luckier that her DH is retired & can cook!  LOL  We really hit it off & they were so friendly we talked like old friends.  Thirty minutes either way & our paths would never have crossed.  Wish I would have got her phone or address to see how she fares but DH was waiting w/the car.  Helped me get over a rough week.  I think I'll be able to forecast the incoming weather fronts with this.

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