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MN cowgirl
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farm site sold

Only had two bidders...One that just decided to get in on it, 4 whole days before the silent auction day!!


They went back and forth a few thousand here, a few thousand there until they had raised the starting price 44 thousand.


So,the kids are happy!  We would of been happy with either one as we know both families well.  Glad that is over.


One problem, we were hoping that whoever bought it would keep our border collie, but the young couple already have a dog so we  might have to try to find Lady a new home.   How would you go about it.?  Im thinking facebook,  word of mouth and lastly a ad in the paper....any other suggestions?  She is a border collie, so not really suited to be a town dog. 




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Re: farm site sold

Congratulations on the successful sale.  I read your post above, and this one, and I think you have processed this mentally and emotionally in a very healthy way.

As for Lady...pleasem do NOT send her to a pound.  There are Border Collie resceu groups who woudl be albe to foster her and find her a suitable home.  That is how we got our BC, Riley.  He came out of Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue, here in NC. 

If you cannot find a group near you, contact them via their website, and see if they can refer you to an organization close by that can help her find a forever home.  Here's their link:

Good luck!

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BC rescue national directory


This is the link for the national BC rescue directory.  If the one we dealt with is any indication, they are very good organizations. 

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Re: farm site sold

I really admire you for ALL you've been through, to come out with your head on straight.  You are an amazing woman, girl. 

As for your dog.  Our vet has a bulletin board you can post such notices on.  The local paper has free ads for items un $1000 so I see this type of ad there also.  The local radio station also has a call in or mail in trading post you could try that.  Hope you find a good home for her.  Good luck & don't forget us just because you've moved on!

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Re: farm site sold

Glad that the private treaty sale went better than expected. Did the other couple that bid show any interest in your border collie?

It is good to hear that you are taking the transition to the new house slowly. Always something that needs to be changed before you can call it "your home."

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